Dritz - 1" Parachute Buckle

Dritz - 1" Parachute Buckle
Item# 470

Product Description

Instructions: 1.Loop strap end through female side(A) of buckle, turn end under and secure by stitching. 2.Top side of male clip(B) has ridges on middle bar. Bring strapping up from bottom through clip side hole. Loop strap back down into last hole. (Strap end will be on top of strapping.) Pull tight to secure. 3.Finish strap end by turning under 1/4 inch twice and stitching. 4.Push male clip into female side to close buckle. 5.Push male clip tabs in and pull to open buckle. TIP - For extra strength, secure strap end to strapping by stitching a square with an "X" through it(C).

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