Dritz - Iron-On Repair Pockets Wht 2 Ct

Dritz - Iron-On Repair Pockets Wht 2 Ct
Item# 55457-61

Product Description

For pants, skirts and jackets. Washable and Dry Cleanable. Replace bottom of worn out pockets. 100 % Cotton

Item Number: 55457-61 Barcode Number: 072879151008

Instructions: Always test to be sure temperature and timing are appropriate for fabric. 1.Heat dry iron for 5 minutes on COTTON setting. 2.Cut off bottom of worn pocket 1-1/4 inch below where pocket is stitched into side seam. Mark 1 inch up from cut edge. 3.Working on a firm, protected surface, preheat old pocket with iron. 4.Insert cut end of old pocket into repair pocket, aligning top of repair pocket with 1 inch mark. Pleat old pocket to fit, if necessary. 5.Press iron-on strip firmly for 40 to 45 seconds, do not move iron. Finish by pressing around all edges. 6.Allow pocket to cool and check bond. Press again if necessary. Can be used for back pockets too!

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