Dritz - 1 Pair Bikini Sew-In Bra

Dritz - 1 Pair Bikini Sew-In Bra
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Product Description

Dritz - 1 Pair Bikini Sew-In Bra

For swimwear, halters, and dresses. Polyester fiberfill/tricot lining. Machine Washable.

Barcode Number: 072879113648

Instructions: 1.Try on garment. Position bra in place until it fits smoothly, pin. Remove garment. Cups may be trimmed if too large. 2.Sew elastic end into side seams, trim if necessary. 3.Tack bra at center, sides and top of each cup(A). 4.Fold facing over edge of bra cups and sew in place. 5. If sewing bra to a lining, follow steps 1-3, then sew edge of bra cups to lining by hand. Do not stitch through garment.

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