Hasbro - Furreal Friends Li'L Big Paws Dj Howler Pet

Hasbro - Furreal Friends Li'L Big Paws Dj Howler Pet
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Product Description

FurReal Friends plush pets are all about rich, pet experiences. Their exciting, engaging, and interactive play help to create unforgettable memories.

Get ready to have loads of fun with this Lil' Big Paws plush toy puppy that responds to you when you squeeze her belly. You just might want to take

her everywhere you go!

She Plays With You

You can play with the DJ Howler toy and she will make fun puppy sounds. Squeeze her belly and she'll move her head back, howl, and bark, like a real

puppy might do. And she comes with her own cup for feeding time. Just take her cup accessory and place the straw into her mouth, and she will make

adorable drinking sounds as if she is really drinking. DJ Howler is such a fun and sweet plush puppy!

FurReal Friends and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

She Has Soft Fur

DJ Howler pet loves to lift her head back and let out a howl or a bark for you when you press her tummy. She looks so cute with her heart-shaped tag

on her neck. This sweet puppy comes ready for her feeding time with her own cup and straw, and will make adorable feeding noises. When playtime and

feeding time are over, you'll love holding her in your arms and petting her soft fur.

She Makes Cute Sounds

You can play with DJ Howler and she will make fun puppy sounds. Gently squeeze her tummy and she'll move her head back and make cute howling and barking sounds. She comes with her own cup with a straw for snack time. When you place the straw in her mouth, she makes adorable feeding sounds. You will have such fun playing with this toy pup!

Includes pet, cup, and instructions.

Squeeze her tummy to activate her She lifts her head to howl She barks and makes feeding sounds Feed her with her cup and straw She has soft fur

Ages 4 and up 2 x 1.5v AA batteries required. Demo batteries included.

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