Hasbro - Baby Alive Teacup Surprise Baby Blonde

Hasbro - Baby Alive Teacup Surprise Baby Blonde
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Product Description

Baby Alive dolls bring love and joy to your little girl. She can enjoy a realistic nurturing experience while feeding Baby Alive dolls that eat and drink, and then changing their diapers to keep them clean and dry. Baby Alive also offers baby dolls with a variety of other play scenarios and accessories that will engage a little girl's imagination. Many of the Baby Alive dolls also make adorable baby sounds and speak a sweet variety of phrases in response to your little girl's actions! Baby Alive Teacup Surprise Baby doll drinks from her magical color change teacup, so she'll need your little girl to change her diaper when the tea party is over!

Baby Alive Teacup Surprises Baby doll loves throwing tea parties for her and mommy! Just add ice water to the teacups and teapot to give the party some color-changing fun! Your little girl will love seeing the magic of the teacups and teapot turning bright magenta color right before her eyes. After a while, the teapot and cups will return to their original color and the fun can start all over again!

Baby Alive and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

To get the tea party started, your little girl can put on baby's tiara and pour 2 teacups. She can use the sippy cup lid for baby. Once the party ends, she can change baby's diaper, just like a real mommy. (Includes 1 diaper. Refills sold separately.) This adorable baby doll is available in light, medium, and dark skin tones, with blonde, brunette, and dark brown hair.

After having so much fun at the tea party, both your little girl and her baby will be sleepy. Time for a nap! Your little girl will love changing her baby's diaper so she's warm and dry before rocking her to sleep. Teacup Surprise Baby is so sweet, it's easy to see how she can make your little girl smile so big!

Tea set changes color She drinks She wets her diaper Have a tea party with baby Dress her up with the tiara

Ages 3 and up

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