Dritz - Quilt-N-Sew See-Thru Ruler

Dritz - Quilt-N-Sew See-Thru Ruler
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Product Description

Dritz - Quilt-N-Sew See-Thru Ruler

Ideal for drafting quilt blocks and designs. For enlarging patterns. 1/8" grid lines make it easy to draw parallel & perpendicular lines. 1/16" markings around outer edges. Holes for drawing circles & scallops.

Instructions: Drafting designs-Use grid on ruler to draw lines at right angles for patchwork blocks and designs. Enlarging Patterns-1.To enlarge patterns on grids, draw a grid to match scale given with pattern. 2.Draw the same line in squares as corresponding squares in pattern. Drawing Circles-1.Anchor ruler with thumb tack in center hole marked "O". 2.Determine diameter of circle. 3.Divide that number in half and place pencil in corresponding hole. 4.Draw circle by rotating ruler like a compass. Drawing Scallops-1.Draw a base line. 2.Place center hole "O" on base line and secure with thumb tack. 3.Determine finished width of scallop and divide that number in half. 4.Place pencil in corresponding hole and draw scallops.

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